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Welcome! -Last update January 26 2011


                My time here is limited. I don't have the access to this site. My job takes me away for months at a time and the posting of new artwork is sometimes slow on here. With all that said............... 

                       Welcome to my fan Art Site.  This is my site based on the Star Wars Universe. I hope that there is something for everyone that loves Star Wars to be found on my site. Most of my artwork is done digitally with my wacom tablet and my imagination. I do some work in canvas but not as much as I have time for or would like to do..

                     First I would like to tell you how I got started with my Star Wars fan art. I got started a long time ago but my interest in drawing Star Wars over the years faded. Then one day while on the internet I noticed this advertisement for the World of Star Wars on Yahoo. When I began I didn't think much of it and posted a few simple drawings and pictures of mine on the site. As time passed and more and more people commented on my work I began to draw even more pictures  and before I knew it I had amassed a small portfolio and in the process had made a lot of great friends that were also fans of Star Wars on that site.                        

 My Work Ranges from the Realistic to the Surreal. The Serious to the funny. The Cannon to the comical! You can click on the links on this page and go to the Yahoo site to view most all of my artwork. You can also see some of my other works on my deviant art account as well.

          I have updated this site and my Links page is expanding. I would like to  mention my collectors group on Yahoo! Click on the link to go to Wattos Junk Shop! Very good group of collectors of Star Wars!

 Star Wars-Picasso



                     I work mainly in digital format using a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter Essentials program. The wacom is a wonderful tool. I also do some freehand drawnings with the old pen and pencil and digitally edit them as well and I also work in acrylic. I prefer to paint in acrylic but do dabble in watercolors and oils occasionally. Acrylic is my favorite as I tend to work very fast on most of my art work.


      Please take time to give a look at some of my Fan Art in my gallery and tell me what you think.These a a few samples on this home page! Thanks!

      You can sign my guest book or e-mail me at

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Thank You very much and I hope you enjoy the pictures!


         Oh, I almost forgot. Any suggestions you might have or ideas for a drawing or painting let me know. Your idea might just be my next pic. I try to come up with my own original thoughts about the Star Wars universe but who knows what can come from great minds!

                    Also check out my links page for collecting sites,podcast,news,and other Star Wars related sites. These are just a few of my favorites!

As always MTFBWY!





 If you have a site or know of a great favorite Star Wars Site go to Galactic binder and search for it! If it is not listed you can suggest it and add it. If it is your own site and you link back to them you'll get a :"Featured Site" status!!!



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